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The difference between U8 , U8S and U8L(U8 Plus)

January 4th, 2016, posted in Android, Apple

The Difference Between U8 , U8S and U8L(U8 Plus) Smart Wrist WatchThe Difference Between U8 , U8S and U8L(U8 Plus) Smart Wrist Watch,U8 and U8L(U8 Plus) difference,U8 and U8S ,Remote Camera and SMS Synchronous,support IOS system,IOS system,Android system,Android OS system,Support Android system,Smart watch, U8 Smart Watch,U8L(U8 Plus) Smart Watch,U8S Smart Watch,

The first generation U watch–U8,SKU132282,

The second generation U watch–U8S,SKU165339,

The third generation U watch—U8L(U8 Plus),SKU190483,

They are the same as a whole,their apperance and functions.
But you should note here is that which systems they support.


U8 and U8S just difference between waterproof.

U8S is waterproof,and U8 is not.
Both of U8 and U8S APK does not support IOS system (only support Android system), so customer use iPhone or iPad (IOS system) could not use Remote Camera or SMS Synchronous functions.
Apart that, other functions support IOS system.


U8 and U8L(U8 Plus) difference between support systems.

U8L(U8 Plus) support IOS and Android system and all functions.
U8 APK does not support IOS system in Remote Camera and SMS Synchronous two functions.