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Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers

June 14th, 2017, posted in Kingdom, TEChNoLoGY

Find SIM Registered With Your IDs in Telecom Service Providers 


‘My numbers’ service allows users to know details about all telephone numbers and data SIM registered with their IDs in Telecom Service Providers systems in order for the users to monitor their numbers and ensure no SIM registered with their names without permissions. CITC is looking forward to ensure user protection, maintain privacy, prevent misuse of user’s credentials by others without permissions.


Type the ID number of the user and the mobile number registered with that ID. In case the user does not have a subscription, the user can check that by typing the ID details.


In case any user found a number registered with his name without his permission or found a failure to execute an earlier request to cancel the service by the service provider, a complaint should be reported to the service provider immediately using the complaints services on CITC website choosing the appropriate service provider, complaint type, and providing the details of the SIM number being reported. If there is an objection regarding the validity of the information provided by ‘My numbers’ service and the complaint of the user has not been resolved by the service provider within 15 days, the user can escalate the complaint to CITC.


Mere Log Project: Balochistan Earthquake Campaign

May 28th, 2013, posted in MESSAGEs, PAKiSTAN

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PKKH Exclusive

Pakistan saw a nightmare in the form of the 2010 floods which continued to haunt us the following year, causing several thousand deaths and leaving more than 250,000 people homeless and displaced.

While the government failed to provide ample help, private organizations volunteered themselves for this task, and got involved in relief efforts to help the flood victims.

Our team at the PKKH, joined hands with the Pakistan Army and Muslim Aid UK, to help these people back to their feet. Our previous disaster recovery work can be accessed, by clicking here.

PKKH founded the Mere Log Project which managed to raise over US$ 110,000 last year (around Rs 10 million). Our volunteers worked on ground with Doctors Worldwide (DWW), Pakistan Army and Muslim Aid UK, providing rescue boat services, warm meals, medical assistance and temporary shelters for the victims of the 2010 floods all over Pakistan. Pakistanis from around the world put their trust in us with their funds to help our people. May Allah SWT accept our efforts.

Balochistan Earthquake 2013

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake has struck the Pakistan-Iran border. There have been reported casualties, as well as thousands of homes being flattened. Mashkhel City of 74000 people has been destroyed with 1000+ Injured and dozens causalities. No medicine, power or first aid is available. Initially people rushed their injured towards Iranian city of Jaal 25KM from Pak-Iran border. People living in the open without any shelter. We are looking for survivors.

We appreciate the trust put in us by our readers and supporters in the past years and expect the same levels of support once again. All our operations are 100% transparent and we provide photos and videos of all our relief activities where required.

These people are Our People. They speak our language; they are Pakistanis and today, in need of our help. Join us in this much wanted task, as a brother would only look up to his brother when in need.
Balochistan Relief Plan

In accordance with the Disaster Management Plan, you would be assisting us in providing Our People with
1 – Food Packets (per family) – PKR 5000/-  (Flour, Rice, Pulses, Sugar, Tea, Spices, Utensils, Milk and Biscuits)
2- Milk and Biscuits packets for children – PKR 1000/- for 10-12 Children
3- Utensil set – PKR 1200/-
4- Mattresses – PKR 1200/-
5- Cooked Food (for 100 people) – PKR 3000/-
6- Medicines – (List will be provided acc to need)
7- Tents – PKR 10000/- (per family)

To help Our People – please email with your name, location, contact number and mention the amount you’re willing to contribute – and one of our representatives will get in touch with you immediately.
For those who directly want to hand over anything from the above list can contact following in different cities of Pakistan:

For Karachi: Talha Ibrahim (+92-315-5646872)

For Lahore: Arqum Zaheer (+92- 336-1018437)

For Islamabad: Salman Javed (+92-345-8556625) and Mariam Shah (+92-321-9194030)

For Other Cities donors – use UBL Omni or Telenor Easy Paisa . (Contat Mr. Tabish Qayyum )
For International donors – Use Western Union or related means to send your donations (Contat Mr. Tabish Qayyum )
For  SaudiArabia: (Jeddah Region) Atiq-Durrani (+966-568792405, )
(Dammam Region) Shah Fahad (+966-583335805,  )
For UAE : Danish Qayyum (+971-50 515 4776) , Baseer Khan (+971- 50 891 3520)

We are constantly in contact with other Disaster Relief teams in Kharan and Panjgour. To get updates related to evolving situation you can contact us at or visit

For Other Cities donors – use UBL Omni or Telenor Easy Paisa . (Contat Mr. Tabish Qayyum )
For International donors – Use Western Union or related means to send your donations (Contat Mr. Tabish Qayyum )

For UAE : Danish Qayyum (+971-50 515 4776) , Baseer Khan (+971- 50 891 3520)

Link :


Police Patrol

April 20th, 2013, posted in Art, COMiCS

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