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Happy Eid-ul-Azha

October 26th, 2012, posted in Islam

happy eid

Here is to wish all Muslims and Non-Muslims around the world a very blessed Eid-ul-Azha:

A time to celebrate and deliberate
A time to reassess and reflect upon
The holy act of the divine sacrifice
And the priceless lessons that can be drawn
Of sacrificing in the name of Allah
Of giving up things that are prized
Of sharing Allah’s bounties with the loved and dear ones
And with the needy and the pauperized
Of strengthening our devotion towards the Almighty
Of bracing our humanly ties
Of practicing purity in faith and obedience
Of letting the spirit of piety rise
May this day be filled with pleasure
And with all things nice
May our minds and souls be enlightened
With the divine dimensions of the sacrifice

Happy Eid-ul-Azha 🙂


She Pretended Not To See mE

October 25th, 2012, posted in GiRLs, LoVE

She Pretended Not To See mE


Hector of Troy

October 24th, 2012, posted in ChARACtERs, MOViES

Eric Bana from Troy

Hector of Troy, to me, embodies absolute honor. He is a dignified and loyal fighter, one who respects his opponent and understands the treachery of war. He is fierce and loyal in his love for his family and his home. He is strong, both physically and in spirit. He is kind and merciful. He is truly brave, and in that, a glorious warrior.

He is genuine, heroic, and sacrificing in a way that, at least in my opinion, a fighter like Achilles (however skilled he is) will never be. It is for all these reasons that I am moved to literal tears by his character every time I watch the film


Hate That Feeling When I Cannt

October 23rd, 2012, posted in BoYs, LoVE

Hate That Feeling


Life Really Is Unpredictable

October 21st, 2012, posted in MESSAGEs

Life really is unpredictable

Life really is unpredictable. You never know what’s coming at you and when. We tend to take little nice things people do for us for granted, and wait for big things to happen. Things that are probably never bound to happen.

Daydream all you can, while you can. Dream big, dream crazy. Tell someone you love them, and show it. It’s okay to text first, it’s okay to gain weight, it’s okay to let go of yourself, it’s okay to sing out loud, in the shower or while driving, it’s okay to write a love song or a love letter, it’s okay to be completely random and imprudent. Smile while you can.

Because death is inevitable. Try dying as someone people want to remember. I believe if people cry for you, long after you’re dead, you must be an amazing person. Make a difference to peoples’ lives. Don’t be the the stuck up bitch, be the insane bitch who people love being around. Be unstoppable. Be fire. Communicate.

Life is short. You don’t know who long you’re going to live. Make your time worth every second you’re alive. Make every breath you take worth being taken. Hug your mum a lot, tell her how much you love her every time you speak to her. Tell your dad you’re greatful for everything he’s done for you. Most importantly thank God for the life you have.

We only live once. Let’s live to infinity and beyond.

“Nothing goes as planned
Everything will break
People say goodbye
In their own special w

Andre Belle n My Veins