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This Story Is A Reminder Of The Power Of Saying Astaghfar (Seeking Forgiveness )

August 5th, 2013, posted in Dua, Islamic Teachings, STORiES

This story is a reminder of the power of saying Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) frequently. Let’s remember that the Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to say Istighfar frequently during the day.


Tafseer Al-Qurtubi states:

A man complained to Al-Hassan about a drought, and he said to him: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.”

Another man complained to him of poverty and he said to him: “Pray to Allah to forgive you.”

Another man said to him: “Pray to Allah to bless me with a child.” He said: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.”

Another complained to him that his garden was dry. He said to him: “Pray to Allah for forgiveness.”

He was asked about it and he said: “This is not my personal opinion, for Allah says in Surah Nooh (interpretation of the meaning): ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord, verily, He is Oft Forgiving; He will send rain to you in abundance. And give you increase in wealth and children, and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers.” Tafseer Al-Qurtubi (18/301-302)

One of the narrators of a Hadith was asked about the manner in which forgiveness is to be sought, to which he answered: “The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) used to say: ‘Astaghfirullah! Astaghfirullah! (I beseech Allah for forgiveness, I beseech Allah for forgiveness)’.

[Sahih Muslim].


A very Wise Man once told a person: “Your mother may loose you, do you know what Astaghfar (asking for Allah’s forgiveness) is? Verily, it is a degree of Illiyyun (i.e. it is meant for the people of a high position) and it is a word standing on six supports:

  • First, to repent over the past sins;
  • Second, to make a firm determination never to revert to it;
  • Third, to return to the creatures their rights (usurped in the past) so that you meet Allah Al-Mighty in such a state of purity that no one has any claims against you;
  • Fourth, to fulfill every obligation which you ignored (in the past) so that you may now do justice with it;
  • Fifth, to aim at the flesh grown as a result of unlawful earning, so that you may melt it by grief (of repentance) till the skin touches the bone and a new flesh grows between them;
  • Sixth, to make the body taste the pain of obedience as you (previously) made it taste the sweetness of disobedience.

When you have done all these six things then you may say “ Astaghfirulla ”


Love Unexpressed

August 23rd, 2011, posted in LoVE

Poison screaming

D: Hey, i have heard KAAttOU RANi likes you a lot and is deeply in love with you?
D: So, is she?
SCARfACE: How will i know? She hasn’t said anything to me.
D: Come on, she must have given some signs!
SCARfACE: Perhaps, but i never witnessed anything conclusive.
D: Conclusive! Who are you, an evidence seeking idiot?
SCARfACE: Look, as long as she keeps her love to herself, how would I know that, You know what last words She has said to mE…She said…ShE HAtES mE…I dont remember when was the last time ShE said ShE loves mE….its been ages that I have heard hER voice…its been so long that ShE had said ShE love mE…I had been dying to hear this from hER…but I never heard hER saying that ShE loves mE…Its been like months now that I have seen hER face….It’s seems that it is her personal matter, and like it doesn’t concern me. If she ever did reveal it, i’ll tell her that I love her more than anyone could ever love her. I love her madly and deeply. But maybe  cannot be togather in this world and maybe thats why she would think that I wont be able to return her feelings. Though i hope that these rumours are wrong, because i hate to disappoint someone who only means world to me. She knows that and yet still ShE dont trust mE… :@

Poison is asking where are you

Look deep inside me..
Can you see the flame…
It burns so bright..
It burns only for you..
It’ll never fade…
Forever it will always remain..
Faithfully it will always be true…
Lay your hand on me…
Feel mY heart beat
To your voice…
To your gentle caress
This heart is yours with a love so sweet…
Faithfully my love you I’ll always confess…
Look into my eyes…
Where your soul lives…
See the emotions stirring that I can’t control..
Feel its strength…
Feel the passion it gives…
Faithfully I’ll cherish your soul…
Enter my dreams…
Journey through my mind…
And fly with me freely in our own place…
Where all our troubles will be left behind…
As I faithfully I’ll hold you in my embrace….

Unfinished Thoughts Of You

August 8th, 2011, posted in LoVE, Scarface'S DIARY

Poison's Unfinished Thoughts About You

Maybe I still care .

Maybe I am not over it !!

Maybe I’m more than hurt…did you ever think about that?

Stupid thing is that no one else understands me or what was.. not WAS but is so special….It bothers me because I can’t talk to anyone about it because there are no one who would understand me….I use to talk to you all the time about different things but I never talked about the issues I had…or have in mY LiFE…. but this time I can’t because it is about you, well not entirely you !! 😐 I think about it every day…I get angry…then enraged….then I get upset and I end up feeling a sense of melancholy and to top it off I feel like this every day and knowing that I made the most stupidest choice just so that I don’t have to be in your way pisses me off way more which creates a disgusting feeling that I can’t talk to anyone about  but you!!
LAME isn’t it? You don’t even want to talk to me though you tell everyone that I ignore you and I put up with it and sort of ended it because you’re not the same anymore…. but SMARt oNE so there’s so many people on your side, but I really don’t care who’s on your side or who’s not….I am just  so so angry at mYSELf for the fact that I actually MISS YOU and I STILL KNOW THAT YOU NEED mE…I am even dumber than I think…. And I dont know how.

I don’t know if you care…or if you even have the time to read what I am going to write…but sometimes it feels slightly easier to breathe when one speaks their mind to someone who they haven’t seen….or who they won’t see for quite some time….someone who won’t bring it up again….but will just read what one’s thoughts are….

I learnt how to trust someone that doesn’t live with me….who isn’t mY FAMiLY…i was always a complete StRANGESt StRANGER to you….but still you knew who I am to you..yet still you didnt care for mE….still didnt realize what you are doing…. But still I trust you again…completely…also loved you…infact loved ya when more…..showed it to you…and still care about till now and maybe forever and always..


unfinished dreams and thoughts of poison

I do admit that it was mY fault… I was the one who started to put yaa little bit in doubts  but I didnt realizes you will do such a thing…. When it is too late….that is when I actually realized that what I had is gone….not just temporarily..but permanently…and to know that what I had was what made me smile every day…I can vividly see and clearly hear mY hEARt shatter beautifully into pieces….and not just mY HEARt…but mE….

And to think that nothing could hurt me or tear me apart… I was so wrong… I took it all for granted and not only that but in Jim Morrison‘s words

Most people love you for who you pretend to be… To keep their love, you keep pretending- performing…. You get to love your pretense…It’s true…we’re locked in an image…an act ”

That was mE…that is mE…I have never acted like a SAiNT infront of yaa..I was SiNNER…but it was in the past..I had left that path…when I said that that isnt mE anymore…It means that it isnt mE….I have always told ya what I had done and what I have not done…and you should have believed mE when I said to yaa to believe mE…have I ever been wrong infront of yaa about anything..??…was I ever..???…but  enough is just never enough… I don’t know when enough is…or where it stops… I don’t know how to accept enough…. So I am sorry…truly sorry for what I have mistake was done by mE…but the most painful thing is..that you are not even sorry…not sorry for the mistakes you have done…and you are keep doing them again and again… :@

Mind Of Poison

So who am I really now ??…. I just wanted to be happy like everyone else…there is nothing wrong with being happy is there ??… Do you know who I am ??.. Am I who you think I am ?? …or Are you expecting more than I can offer ??…. Am I really the person that I am destined to be ??…. Or have I taken things into my hands without consulting with the one who loved me enough to give me this beautiful gift called life ??

Now what hurts one more is to feel that pain…that one had felt before… the agonizing…n unbearable pain of loneliness…with this pain increasing day by day…night by night…

But there’s more to life…..Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate…our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…..It is our light…. not our darkness…that most frightens us….and you know what…I am still here for you

But knowing that one will die alone…is a concern not fear…. because fear itself fears itself….. Not alone with no husband or partner but alone with not one close friendship that one can reminisce upon…. The concern of dying alone without the one’s close by holding one’s hand is an unending life full of worry and insecurity….

But I guess I didn’t hold on as tight as I could…

I always used to say this..
To be or not to be ??
Now…Only one will know the answer….unfinished thoughts and dreams of poison